At The Secret Garden, children are given time: time to explore, to play, to question, to discover and learn. A safe, homely learning environment with a focus on the natural world gives children the opportunities to experience wonder, excitement and challenge from a nurturing base.

Children attending The Secret Garden learn to care for nature and themselves through engaging outdoor experiences, such as growing food to eat and bake with, creating and exploring bug hotels, writing the daily menu in the Mud Kitchen and exploring local parks, beaches, woodlands and nature reserves. Children enjoy opportunities to assess the risks of the world around them, and they are supported in managing these risks so that they learn to be responsible, confident, caring and proud of their achievements.

At the heart of The Secret Garden is the true valuing of every child’s interests, ideas and natural pace of learning. This child-led learning approach – encouraging children to direct their activities through their own interests and questions – develops happy, healthy lifelong learners. It is by providing exciting, inspiring and memorable child-led learning opportunities that children are guided to make excellent progress across all areas of their development – while having lots of fun!